Receipt Hog Review: Is Receipt Hog Legit or a Scam?

In this Receipt Hog review, we’ll be discussing whether Receipt Hog is a scam or legit, how much you can expect to make and if it’s worth your time or not.

In this article, we will be doing a Receipt Hog review because a lot of divided opinions exist as to how authentic the money saving app is. This review will conduct an objective analysis of the app because it seems to have a very high rating on the app store.

What is Receipt Hog?

This is an app where you earn coins by uploading your receipts which are gotten from various stores. These coins can be converted into vouchers or cash rewards. This process is simple and is not time-consuming for a side earner. Receipt Hog can be used in the US and UK. All you have to do is snap your receipt, and that’s all.

After downloading and signing up by using your email or linking your Facebook account, you will be able to access a user-friendly interface. You do not have to pass through the protocols on most survey sites, and you can begin to earn coins immediately. You get 50 coins for signing up for free.

The Reward Section

The reward section offers 3 avenues to earn some coins –

  1. You can complete a survey within 5 minutes to earn 30 coins. The questions are basic demographic questions and will earn you a few coins if you answer them. Based on the kind of receipt you upload, surveys pop up at intervals which you can fill too.
  2. You get 100 coins when you link your email account. This enables you to get rewards for e-receipts that are sent to your email. It must not be a Yahoo, an iCloud, or an AOL address, and must have one electronic receipt in it at least.
  3. Hog Household Bonus can earn you 40 coins. A member of your household must have been signed up, taken the survey, and had at least twenty receipts scanned for you to qualify.

Uploading Receipts

Simply access your camera from the app and ensure that the store name, amount, date (not older than 2 weeks), and item purchased are visible. Blurry photos are usually rejected, as well as, receipts that are handwritten, cinema tickets, or receipts from deliveries. After snapping, indicate who you were with at the shop and give the transaction a rating.

Rewards For Scanning Receipts

  1. You earn coins from grocers, beauty suppliers, supermarkets, cash & carries, corner shops, convenience stores, chemist shops, discount stores, pharmacies, and pet shops. Your earnings are determined by the total shown on your receipt.
  2. You get a sweepstake entry per receipt upload, and you can win on the sweepstake.
  3. The Hot Slot Spins is earned when you upload receipts from shops that deal on clothes, electronics, books, supplies for offices, sports gear, arts and crafts, home furnishings and improvements. The spins will earn you a few coins too.

Redeeming Rewards

Coins can be redeemed via Amazon vouchers, MasterCard vouchers, or PayPal credit and the process is easy, and your reward is delivered within 7 days to your email or PayPal account.

Receipt Hog Review Conclusion

Although you may not earn millions of dollars, our Receipt Hog review shows that you can earn legit money by spending some little time and effort. If you are not really into surveys, then you can explore this app to earn extra income.

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Brian Meiggs
Brian Meiggs
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