Is Uber Ride Pass Worth It? Here's My Take

Is the Uber Ride pass feature worth it? Uber just recently rolled this out and I review it to see if it's worth the money.

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Uber is the ever-expanding on-demand transport service that has revolutionized the taxi industry around the world. The business model of Uber is a great success. Many entrepreneurs have embraced it in many ways and have brought success to everyone who has used it wisely in their company! Uber has a simple and innovative business model that made it billions of dollars in just eight years after it was founded.

A few months ago Uber launched “Uber Ride Pass” across the United States and specific states. The Uber ride pass works to offer a fixed rate up to a certain distance and a discount on the longest routes.

 How much does Uber Ride Pass cost?

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There is no clear information about the prices of Uber Ride Pass. The only thing Uber has to say on this subject is this:

“A pass offers benefits, such as discounts on eligible trips, for a one-time activation fee, passes are still tested and are only available for a few months per month, while passes are temporary offers.

Uber “Ride Pass” costs $14.99 a month in Austin, Denver, Miami and Orlando, and $24.99 per month in Los Angeles.

Prices at ride-share services rise or fall depending on demand.

For example, a ride into work early, ahead of the pack, is typically cheaper than a ride home at day's end during peak commute time when “surge pricing” kicks in.

uber ride pass

What Is It Good For?

This new Route Pass option is ideal for people who often travel between two locations. Whether you go home from the office or go to the gym.

uber ride pass

I think it's a great option if you commute during peak hours or if you live in an area where prices often rise because Route Pass charges you a standard rate. I know friends who work near AT & T Park, and I can only imagine what a surtax looks like after a giant game!

How to Use Uber Ride Pass

Uber is not sure where Ride Pass is available, they provide information about its use: “If you have purchased a subscription, check the details of your subscription at any time in the menu of your Uber application.

Note: you can see this option only if Uber has invited you to use this offer. You also need to check if you are paying the one-time activation fee (the amount varies depending on your market, assuming Ride Pass is available). This is not the most straightforward process, but it is a bit understandable as it is an experimental program.

So, is the Uber Ride Pass worth it?

In essence, we pay a discount that we regularly received from Uber not so long ago in the form of promotional codes, free of charge. Now they charge us for this promotional code, and they call it a pass.

Add to that the strict application of “either you take our route or lose your discount” is a real disadvantage, because the driver is often responsible for choosing a different route (he drives after all) and sometimes this is because the road has been closed/blocked for some reason.

Three factors play in:

(1) What is your regular Uber rides priced at?

(2) How much is alternate public transportation? and

(3) Does this include surge pricing?

Whether or not this is a good deal is going to depend from person to person.

I won't be getting the pass, just my .02 cents.

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