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Get Paid to Watch TV With This Simple Hack (Make $225+/mo)

get paid to watch tv

Wouldn't it be nice if you got paid for doing something you do daily, watch videos on your phone? You can really get paid to watch TV or stream videos. Well, you can stop searching because I have found some legitimate websites that pay you to watch movie previews and videos. Believe it or not, some companies will actually pay you for these simple tasks that you do daily. By spending just 5-10 minutes per day watching videos (either on your lunch break or during TV commercial breaks) you can earn and earn an extra $300-500/month. More people should be doing this. Which sites are the best to use to get paid for watching videos?

Top 5 Sites That Pay You for Watching Videos or TV

We have picked the 5 best get paid to watch videos site for you to go, sign up and get paid for viewing new video content.

1.  Swagbucks Video

Through Swagbucks, you can watch videos to earn points that you can redeem for cash via PayPal. The catch? The videos have ads. The videos are varied, including movie previews, entertainment, travel, and more, and you can pick what interests you. Reward sites can be hit or miss, with many feeling like scams. Don’t worry — Swagbucks is legitimate is probably the most popular site with over $150 Million paid to its members. I use it daily and it really does pay out via PayPal.

Swagbucks also pays up to $35 per survey. You can also earn FREE Cash (via Paypal) for everyday activities like shopping, watching videos and searching the web. If you’re interested you get started with a $5 sign up bonus.

swagbucks As a new member, you can conveniently earn up to $35 per survey or video through this link.

Bottom line: It’s one of the highest paying video watching site that actually works and pays via PayPal. 😉 

👉 Click here to snag $5 at Swagbucks just for Signing Up

2. InboxDollars

  inboxdollars logo The next thing you can do right now is sign up for InboxDollars which pays you, in cash, to watch fun videos & take surveys.  This has got to be one of the fastest and most legitimate ways to earn a couple extra bucks easily. You can actually get paid to watch movie previews, celebrity videos, news and all sorts of other videos. They will tell you how many minutes you need to watch the video for and you might also be asked to like the video. 👉 Click here to snag $5 at InboxDollars just for Signing Up If you sign up before the end of August, they also give you a $5 free bonus just to give it a try. By spending just 5-10 minutes per day on this (either on your lunch break or during TV commercial breaks) you can earn and earn an extra $50/month. More people should be doing this! inbox dollars 👉 Click here to snag $5 at InboxDollars just for Signing Up

3. MyPoints

MyPoints is now offering users an opportunity to get paid to watch fun videos!  You can easily earn points which you redeem for gift cards, travel miles or cash via PayPal.  MyPoints logo I like MyPoints because you can just start a playlist and not touch your phone for a while and still earn points. Once you start the playlist, it will autoplay until completion or until paused by the user. You must complete this playlist in order to receive the points. MyPoints Gift Card Note: Videos are only available on the site via desktop or laptop, but you can earn additional Points for watching videos on your smartphone or tablet with the MyPoints TV app. Available in iOS and Android. Other ways to earn points: Shop online, take surveys, watch videos, read email and more to earn Points.

👉 Click here to snag $5 at MyPoints just for Signing Up

4. Nielsen Mobile

Nielsen offers a more passive income route in case you're too lazy to watch videos. For this company, all you have to do is download the app on your phone or laptop and you get paid $50. nielsen Believe it or not, this company will actually pay you for installing it. By using the internet as you do every day, Nielsen invites you to make a difference – and you can make money too. I downloaded this app and make around $50-100 passively… it’s a legit app. You don’t really have to do anything other than initially registering your computer or phone. Nothing else to be said, it's that simple.

Compare Money Tools

Nielsen: This company will pay you $50 a year keep their app on your favorite internet browsing device and they also give away $10,000 each month. So you can possibly make more than $100. Sign up through here for a registration bonus.

NIELSEN 👉 Click here to snag $50 at Nielsen just for Signing Up

5. Survey Junkie

Many of you have come here by searching “how to get paid to watch videos”. Well, the above 4 options are the best options right now. With Swagbucks and InboxDollars being your go-to and having Nielsen installed in the background would be the best option.

I've shared some of the best options for you to get paid for watching videos. So you should be all set on that front. If you want to consider another option you should know about Survey Junkie.survey junkie logo

Survey Junkie has thousands of high paying surveys available which can be completed anywhere on pretty much any device.

Best of all, the payout threshold is just $10 so you can cash out your earnings to Paypal, a checking account or as a gift card super quickly.

That extra cash can be huge if you’re budget is feeling a little tight.


Survey Junkie pays between $.50 and $9 per survey, and many of them take less than 5 minutes to complete. Sign up through here.

👉 Click here to get a registration bonus at Survey Junkie just for Signing Up

Getting Paid for Watching Videos Online

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Stop searchin' now. What do you think about earning money for watching videos online? For me, while you're not going to make a career out of it, it’s very easy money for pressing a few buttons on your phone in your free time. There really is no limit when it comes to the question of how to make money online. You can probably make around $225+/mo a month by spending 15 minutes a day watching videos – Swagbucks and InboxDollars being your go-to and having Nielsen installed in the background would be the best option. Good luck on your journey to get paid to watch TV!


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