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Coupons For Beginners: How To Start Couponing For Beginners

coupons for beginners

If you are looking for new ways to save money then learning about clipping coupons for beginners is a great place to start. I've actually been couponing for a long time now so I wanted to share some tips I've learned along the way. If you are new to couponing then you will learn how to coupon, where to find coupons, how to get printable coupons, and where to get downloadable coupons. Ready to get started?

Couponing: What You Need To Start

  • A good color printer for printing coupons
  • A laptop or fast computer
  • A plastic binder with dividers/labels
  • Receive local newspapers (these have coupons or mailers)

How to Start Couponing for Beginners

1. Set aside time for couponing.

You'll need at least an hour or so per week to clip some coupons for your grocery haul. By spending an hour each week, either after work or on the weekends, your savings is really unlimited. You'll probably also find ways to get new ways to save money, so you can really save a lot of money by spending just an hour couponing.

2. Find coupons.

You can easily find out where your local coupons can be found. Depending on where you live, coupons pop up in five main places:

3. Get coupons delivered to you via postal mail.

By using coupons you can save a lot of money for yourself and cut your monthly expenses down. This is a great way to start saving more, invest your savings, and ultimately grow your wealth and increase your net worth. As you know many coupons can be found in newspapers and magazines. But did you know that you can find coupons a ton of other ways online? Here are the top ways for you to get free coupons and free coupon books by postal mail and online. Speak directly to the companies. The most effective way of getting free coupons by mail is by contacting the company itself. Many companies love to receive positive reviews and feedback about their product.  So when you reach out them and show support, they could send you coupons to show gratitude or motivate you to give their product a second trial.  The problem is that contacting companies for free coupons by mail seems to be a lot of work for some people. If you are looking for some free coupons by mail then this is usually a good option. To make good use of your opportunities to receive free coupons by mail, there are important tips that can be of assistance to you.

  • Even if you are not necessarily posting positive feedback, you can send negative feedback or reviews with a measure of politeness. Always try to remain professional and civil at all times will win your respect and possibly coupons.
  • Specify what you are praising. If you enjoyed something be specific as to what you like.
  • Provide detailed information. If you have a complaint, make it as explicit as possible stating even the specific problem you had. If it is a commendation, provide details too.

Make good use of social media. In order to get free coupon books by postal mail, sending a tweet or posting on their Instagram page will not do you any good.  Keep in mind you'll likely always need to contact the company through email. Many companies which give free coupons by mail usually contain a link at the bottom of their website where you can send them messages. Many companies make good use of promotions, and they advertise them through social media. Sometimes they try to gather the feedback customers provide and if you fill out the promotion they could send coupons to you via mail. Sometimes all you need to do is to go through the facebook page of some of the companies you value and check if they have any coupons for you. Buy coupons and get it mailed to you. You can get a free coupon by even purchasing them. I've done this in the past, by buying coupons off eBay. Whenever you have a big purchase coming up, just look on eBay for the store name + coupon and you can usually save yourself some money. Use apps that utilize coupons. If you're keen on contacting companies or tweeting them you just download apps that have digital coupons that you can apply to your purchases. Interested in finding easy ways to save? Then you should know about these coupon apps that can make couponing as easy as 1 – 2 – 3. I'll also include some saving apps that you can use to help you manage your money you are saving from couponing.

Featured Coupon App:Get Startedat Dosh

Best Coupon App: Dosh

  • Get cash back on everyday purchases with the Dosh app.
  • No receipt scanning required!
  • One of the easiest and best ways to save money.
  • Best part? The app is totally free!
Qapital App Review

Get Startedat Qapital

Saving App Details

  • Qapital is a new way to bank that lets you save for the things you want, just by doing the things you do
  • This app makes saving is effortless, motivating, and even a little fun.
  • Rounds up change to the nearest dollar and moves it into savings
  • Allows specific goals to be set and named
  • More Details >
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Get Startedat Acorns

Saving App Details

  • Invest your spare change automatically.
  • Join almost 4000000 people saving and investing every day.
  • Sign up in no time to save and invest more money
  • Money is invested in a portfolio based on income and goals
  • More Details >
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Get Startedat Digit

Saving App Details

  • Save money and pay off debt, all without thinking about it
  • Try Digit free for 30 days
  • Calculates what you can save, sets it aside
  • 1% savings bonus every three months
  • More Details >

Get Startedat Trim

Saving App Details

    • Get Today For Personalized Recommendations To Automate Saving Money
    • Free Services Offered: Negotiate Cable Bills, Negotiate Bills, Cancel Subscriptions, Spend Tracking, & Get Refund For Price Drops
    • More Details >
Ibotta Logo

Get Startedat Ibotta

Coupon App Details

    • Savings on Your Favorite Brands at Your Favorite Stores.
    • Register to Earn Today and Earn Real Cash
    • Save Time, Earn Cash. Even get a $10 New User Bonus.
    • Get Cash Back at Any Bar And Liquor Store and Retail, Grocery Store and More
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Get Startedat Ebates

Coupon App Details

    • Find coupons and earn cash back at over 2500 stores when you shop at Ebates
    • Save with online rebates, deals, promo codes and discounts
    • More Details >

Final Tips to Couponing

It may sound strange, but there are many companies which can help you spend money to save money by sending you free coupons by mails. In case you are not sure of the companies to get free coupons by mail, write out all the companies which you like. Most important ones on your list are those that make most of the products which you use and buy.  Most of those companies would be willing to provide you with the best coupons once you contact them. If you wanted free coupons now, you could just download apps like Ibotta and Fetch to get started.  


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