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10 Highest Paying Apps That Pay You to Shop

apps that pay you to shop

Looking for the best apps that pay you to shop so you can start earning money for your grocery purchases? We'll share the best rebate apps that'll help you make some money on your purchases.

Shopping is something that we do every day, especially the grocery one. Each time we spend lots of money on that, but what if there was a way to get some of it back? Today, we have a wide variety of applications that allow people to not only to find out about discounts but have cash back from their purchases as well. Usually, those are mobile applications, but every now and then, you can stumble upon a cashback website.

What is a cashback, you might ask? It is a financial refund which you receive after making a certain purchase. So right now, we will present you with 10 best apps to pay you to shop so you can get your cash back.

1. Ibotta

Ibotta works with all kinds of products, but the majority of items to receive your cashback for are still groceries. However, you have to remember that you can only receive your money back if you buy specific products. That is not something to worry about though, the variety of goods is quite extensive. There are also welcome bonuses for those who register for the first time.

2. Dosh

For Dosh to work properly you have to connect your credit or debit card to it first. Then, you can go shopping and receive up to 10% cashback on selected goods. The most convenient thing about this particular application is that you can choose where to transfer the money you receive, be it your bank account or the PayPal one.

3. BerryCart

BerryCart will surely be appreciated the most by those people who are trying to follow a healthy diet. This way, when you are buying healthy foods, not only your body benefits from that but also your wallet or credit card. You just have to take a picture of your receipt, load it into the app, and receive your cashback. Easy as it is!

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4. Checkout 51

In many ways, this cashback service from Checkout 51 is similar to the one that we have already discussed here – Ibotta. However, this particular app is not as big. Nevertheless, you can often find sweet discounts and cashbacks for vegetables and fruits. You have to check out new offers that are updated every week on Wednesday.

5. SavingStar

At the beginning of its existence, SavingStar did a slightly different job, combining all your discount cards’ information into one account. But now they finally added a new possibility for their users and so you can use Saving Star as a cashback service for your grocery shopping. Not to mention that their cashback rates are extremely high compared to the competitors’.

6. FetchRewards

Great news from the very start – FetchRewards gives you a bonus of $1 as a registration gift. You might want to check it out because it gives you a wide amount of grocery items to choose from if you want to receive a cashback for your purchases. It might not be as big as previous ones, but it is definitely growing.

7. Receipt Hog

Unlike other cashback services previously discussed in this article, Receipt Hog does not have a strict restriction on the type of items that you have to buy in order to receive your money back. This way, you can easily use it for a wide range of items and not only for grocery shopping. The money that returns to you can later be transferred on your bank account or presented to you in a form of an Amazon gift card – the choice is yours.

8. Acorns

Acorns is a bit unusual as it allows you to make a direct deposit with your cashback money. This way, when you go grocery shopping, the app takes your cashback and invests it to more than 250 top brands, therefore creating a source of passive income for you. Well, isn’t that cool?

9. Paribus

Being absolutely free, this Paribus app allows you to receive cashbacks from a wide variety of shops and almost all kinds of goods. The procedure of retrieving your money back is quite simple – you have to link your Paribus account to the e-mail service that you are using, and the bot will automatically check your payment checks for groceries. Whenever it finds the lower price, you will receive the difference on your cashback account.

10. Punchcard

There is no specific type of items that you have to buy in order to receive cashback from Punchcard. It can be anything, including groceries, as long as the shop you are buying it from is a partner of this service. No matter how big or small your city is, there is always a great number of partner shops at practically any area of the country.


We hope you enjoy this list of 10 best money saving apps for shopping. If you use these services, you will be surprised, how much money you can actually save at the end of the day. So do not waste any more your time and go buy some healthy foods and receive your cash back later. Happy shopping!


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